I made something

I made something I knew, that you will consult from the very beginning.

It it is strange posmot ret on me.

I thought that I strengthen his confidence.

I made something not so?

When the parent speaks: I knew from the very beginning, that you can, he pays to the tribute sob rather to stvenny pansophy, than achievement of the child.

The child can even think: As my father could know, what I will win?

I did not know.

It is much more useful to describe to the child his progress: This the award symbolizes months of trainings and huge determination!

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All family

All family Peter Wilson, children's psychotherapist and director of Young Minds I think, after the child's birth very important skontsent to rirovatsya on a family, and not just on the woman.

All family endures a transition period.

Yekhudi Gordon, konsultantginekolog and obstetrician, the expert in the field of complete medicine Important relationship For the child important, in what relations you are with yours partner.

That he sees houses, will significantly influence on its understanding of the acceptable behavior and style of the human relations.

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They also

They also It begins when they already understand that they little people with own rights, but yet not understand that people around same!


Small children need to show how to share; they dolzh ny know that it means.

They also should practice in it therefore encourage them when they distribute cookies or other entertainment or offer a toy to the friend.

Praise them if at them it turns out.

Expectation that your child willingly will share everything not it is realistic.

Most of adults will share with pleasure pi Russian cabbage soup, a shelter, even clothes, however it hardly happens, if business will concern the car or a wedding ring of their mother.

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R Thanks

R Thanks To learn it is correctly to say sounds, rebeno has to be able to perceive precisely them aurally.

This ability pr; vilno to hear and learn sounds is called as speech hearing.

R < Ceva the hearing something is similar musical.

Thanks to musical hearing the child can distinguish one musical sound from another, blagodar to speech hearing he distinguishes sounds of the speech and distinguishes them boundaries, d itself.

By means of speech hearing the child learns to say sounds.

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But the most

But the most Some areas of our brain are initially equipped, that is they are active at the birth.

But the most part of a brain joins gradually.

In this chapter we will sort as the necessary sites of a children's brain in due time develop and why the second year of life of the child is a high time for responsible education which cannot be shifted to the stranger's shoulders thoughtlessly.

The person, as well as any other animal, fish or a bird, has the primitive central part of a brain helping us to survive.

It is our hereditary brain called by a cerebellar almond epitalamus which is in the center of the head and has a form of the cone reminding a walnut.

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Giving classes

Giving classes COUNCILS FOR CARRYING OUT PRACTICAL TRAINING Parents usually acquaint the child with the surrounding world.

Today you should acquaint him with water.

And from that, as this acquaintance will happen, depends, whether your child of occupation will fall in love swimming.

Giving classes on water, it is necessary to be quiet, as bad the mood of mother or father, providing training, is easily transferred to the child.

It is in that case better to postpone occupation next day.

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Owing to influence

Owing to influence Someone from people can very quickly learn to prepare, but it is very difficult for them to seize skills of driving of the car.

Four types of temperament The following aspect of distinctions in the nature of children which too is very important for considering are types of temperament.

Owing to influence of various elements of the material nature fire, air, water and the earth, there are four types of children: active, sensitive, kommunikaktivny and receptive.

They in something it is similar to obshchekizvestny sanguine persons, choleric persons, phlegmatic persons and melancholiacs, Sensitive children have a high emotional susceptibility, are inclined to complain, show desire of compassion, receiving support.

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  • This son there was Ludwig Wittgenstein who is considered now call shy philosopher of the XX century.And still our society becomes is more and more anxious with the accelerated development and progress som: we teach French to kids, gymnastics to babies, we use for twoyearold the preparing SMOY geepok gas zsnazimt That the child grew the happy to reading the audio cassette which include in time of their dream, and a great lot of national estimates and tests which feed parental neurosises.Perhaps, it will be useful for you to accept in attention following.
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