Eventually, handlegged

Eventually, handlegged Well, everything is not so bad.

Well, in kony the ends, happens.

All right, life goes on.

That there, everything is all right.

Eventually, handlegged are whole y that is good .

We are liveare healthy so everything is normal to rstdrink is so we will worry.

And so on.

All these phrases have one context: there are no bases so to feel.

How to help to get rid of a stress to the son?

On the other hand, Everything I will improve Mrs.

, mother, considers that if the problem is not solved, at least, it is necessary to talk about it.

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Swimming Therefore all exercises are based taking into account gradual suppression tonic reflexes.

Studying exercises in lying on a back, it is necessary previously access but to explain to the child of the rule of performance of exercises.

When performing lying on a back and further when sliding remind the child about that the stomach should not become covered with water.

Swimming trunks or bathing suit have to be on a water surface.

Not smaller value has also position of the head.

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Information These data have to preoST to twist your local social services.

Information Talk to other parents, the personnel, tutors.

Let your child will meet the potential tutor, and you will observe how they interact before to the prima those a final decision you will understand a lot of things from their conversation.

Ask so many questions, how many it is necessary to find Uwe rennost.

It can seem strange, even to the rough but it is very important for you.

Any tutor respecting himself not will take offense as it only testifies to the parental care and not indifference.

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Even the loneliness

Even the loneliness The upryamy the girl refuses to try to understand, as if she would like to feel, the it will be more difficult for it to meet this person and, so this period of expectation because the understanding as I want to feel near this person, allows to reach the maximum power of desire of will be that more that I will receive.

Even the loneliness and a certain disorder is given on well to create not only an image of the man, and that is even more important, as if you wanted to feel.

If you manage to reach this mood, that is farther business remains for small.

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Of give rise

Of give rise Of give rise to each pour bears and has to continue to bear responsibility for that, that the child fitted into a new way of life.

When adults get divorced, they sit down and speak: In what direction to me to think, that children a normal but it was endured, thus, that by my feelings in the strong confusion?

How to continue family life, that it not strongly turned life of children?

Arises oshchushche scientific research institute of affectation, but it it is necessary to make, that life of children did not fall apart.

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As the psychologist

As the psychologist Day nursery for the most small children part of this tendency.

As the psychologist and the father of the children compelled to live in this world I feel fear of the future: millions of children had the defective childhood, and that main quality which defines us as people ability to love and care disappears from our life.

The main axiom of psychology says that within the first three years of life the child receives the most important lesson how to love.

Having refused close communication with children, I am afraid, we brought up the cold, gloomy, suppressed and aggressive generation to which it is not let know that such proximity of the native person and to test the real peace of mind.

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  • This son there was Ludwig Wittgenstein who is considered now call shy philosopher of the XX century.And still our society becomes is more and more anxious with the accelerated development and progress som: we teach French to kids, gymnastics to babies, we use for twoyearold the preparing SMOY geepok gas zsnazimt That the child grew the happy to reading the audio cassette which include in time of their dream, and a great lot of national estimates and tests which feed parental neurosises.Perhaps, it will be useful for you to accept in attention following.
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