There are lawful

There are lawful There are lawful arguments against censorship, but there are also no arguments leaving children that they coped without support with any material which will get to them.

Commission Children and violence Parents know force of an example and influence of telecasts for this reason my boys go crazy on the Cup the world for this reason I watch Sezam Street with mine kid.

As we can know or in other cases of an obm to nyvat itself, what they do not study from this, what look?

Simon P.

Still disputes between those who considers that viewing storm violence scenes does us insensible and stimulates nasil stvenny behavior of children, and those who objects them, an osnovyva yas on proofs.

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Sounds sound

Sounds sound Sounds sound is softened and carelessly.

A way of statement any.

The hissing sounds can be replaced on correct or defective the whistling sounds sh on with, on z.

Ways of statement I, III, V, VI.

Words for check of a pronunciation of sounds sh and: x noise, a step, mice, ears, a chestnut, a cachenez, a mouthpiece, a cachepot, punch, shower g the greedy person, a bug, skin, a sandpaper, a tansy, an extraction, Fiji, zhazh yes, jacket ch .

, '.

, d.

' .

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But, certainly, he learns

But, certainly, he learns Now he understands that all sense of human happiness in the relations, in support, in love.

It as if little idealistic picture.

The child will not obyazaktelno go deep into search in this direction, and it will not become obligatory deeply spiritual, financially not attached personality.

But, certainly, he learns that if I do not receive desirable, I nevertheless receive love of close people, I get support, compassion, understanding.

And it allows it to wait quietly for the execution wished without desire without always sopuktstvuyushchy to desire of anger which spoils life to the child and another who surrounds it.

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Though here

Though here Scoring of feelings of the child can initially show sya unnatural, but, as well as other receptions, with experience stanet That the child grew the happy your second nature.

Though here quite the zakonomer is covered Nye danger of your projection on the child of the own guesses on the fact that he feels, even if inside at not go other is created absolutely.

Therefore if doubt or believe that he is full of mixed feelings, and tell: You are overwhelmed, probably, now by different feelings?

You, maybe, at the same time both it is excited, and it is a little frightened?

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Even such

Even such Is even more destructive, more painfully when one of parents demands that the child kept a secret occurred or told from other parent.

Even such phrases can sometimes sound: We go to eat ice cream, but do not speak to the father about it.

Actually such relation does the child excessively close, for example, to one of parents, and at the same time deprives of it contact and interaction with another.

Even worse if the request or the requirement of privacy is warmed up punishment threat.

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So it is necessary

So it is necessary Fig.

lowers the person in water and examines a bottom.

Then repeats everything at first.

So it is necessary to pass to m.

With an underwater mask or points this game at finds still bigger interest.

It is possible along the line the hunter on to lay down some subjects.

Then the task will become complicated it is necessary to find and to cast ashore all subjects.

THIRD TASK Begin with repetition of exercises on immersion, and then pass to studying of new exercises.

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  • This son there was Ludwig Wittgenstein who is considered now call shy philosopher of the XX century.And still our society becomes is more and more anxious with the accelerated development and progress som: we teach French to kids, gymnastics to babies, we use for twoyearold the preparing SMOY geepok gas zsnazimt That the child grew the happy to reading the audio cassette which include in time of their dream, and a great lot of national estimates and tests which feed parental neurosises.Perhaps, it will be useful for you to accept in attention following.
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