The child

The child During the period from six months to one year the frontal lobe of the child roughly grows.

At this age the child starts realizing accurately who his parents, shows more concern in the presence of strangers.

The child is more excited at new games and expresses more pleasure at development of new abilities for example when learns to go and tell the first words.

It is age when the love of parents is necessary to children as air.

All first year as a miracle: as if the child unpacks a suitcase of the vital potential and displays everything in the places.

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It was the insignificant

It was the insignificant By the present moment we considered children, applying skills.

In this last letter of wives the tire describes its own experience of a perenimaniye modern language.

As I sit now and I cry with happiness, from kroveniye and pride, I have to write to you and tell thanks.

Thousand thanks.

Today I realized, as sil but I changed as much I realized in practice.

It was the insignificant case.

To my son of three years there arrived the nineyearold cousin.

It showed to my son how to put boards to reach to fence tops.

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It will

It will Already at younger school children have very complete idea about that is good and that is bad, and perfectly realize feelings other people see.

Morals of your child.

The growing independence Complexity for us as parents consists in, that uv to put this understanding at the child and to develop it, thereby podgo toviv it to life in which will be a lot of new, will be nezav simost and need to choose.

It will give them the chance to make a right choice when us is not near that to prompt.

For this purpose it is necessary: To develop a selfassessment and understanding of at the child.

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Parents owe a log hut corduroy

Parents owe a log hut corduroy Parents owe a log hut corduroy road of it.

It is much easier for child to hear: I understand, that it is your toy, and you have all rights for that, to play with it.

And I see that your small Awfully normal the sister too very much wants to try.

When you zakho you cht, maybe, you will give it a toy?

It helps it is better to motivate the child sharing.

Bridget Tricia, coordinator of parental association The child steals Very small child can sometimes take that does not belong to it because he does not know yet that it is wrong.

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To consult

To consult It not only vosp thaws at the kid rudiments of necessary social skills, but also will reduce probability of confrontation.

Do not store on a type of candy, cookies and other products, which you do not want to give to the child.

Ensure support and rest.

To consult from hysteria It is rather difficult for Kami so in this equation it is not necessary to add emotional or physical istoshcheniye.

That the child grew the happy Action Full prevention of hysterics can appear the temper ache, but you will hardly succeed, and it should not become samoyets I pour.

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Quality of leaving

Quality of leaving It, naturally, the general facts, separate situations can differ.

Doctor Lich with pain specified that in a case with depressive and irresponsible parents, with those who has social problems, the tutor would be more useful to the child.

Quality of leaving does not exclude harm Such important factor as quality of yaselny leaving employees are how useful, psychologically steady, careful and educated makes only partial impact on total behavior of the child.

Highquality leaving as showed researches, definitely helps informative and educational development, the children receiving more than individual attention from more competent tutors were less subject to stresses, but it could not eliminate risk factor too early, too much, too long.

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  • This son there was Ludwig Wittgenstein who is considered now call shy philosopher of the XX century.And still our society becomes is more and more anxious with the accelerated development and progress som: we teach French to kids, gymnastics to babies, we use for twoyearold the preparing SMOY geepok gas zsnazimt That the child grew the happy to reading the audio cassette which include in time of their dream, and a great lot of national estimates and tests which feed parental neurosises.Perhaps, it will be useful for you to accept in attention following.
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