From us in this

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From us in this It depends on individual circumstances and from their experience, temperament and how we, parents, teach them to cope with difficulties.

From us in this regard it is required races How to consult when it is difficult to learn problem situations and to understand the leading role, to tory we play, helping them.

Many children are under pressure surpassing holes molar requirements for their age: it and family crises, and chronic social and economic deprivations it is impossible not to dootsenivat their influences.

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Dear Johnny, I would

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Dear Johnny, I would Present that the child refuses to sit down with va mi and to solve a problem.

What then?

To some children it is awkward, when on the relation to them use this method.

For these children of chorus necks the note based on those can become replacement principles.

Dear Johnny, I would like to hear your ideas relatively how to solve a problem with.

You, it is possible ho you cht, you feel, you need.

I I want, I feel, it is necessary for me.

Please, let me know about any decisions, which, in your opinion, will satisfy both of us.

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Their culture

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Their culture From the book Understanding of Our Daughters Many young girls can be too good yes to itself to the detriment.

Their culture changes, but there is a risk that many of them overrate the achievements in learn be and ability to please another.

Blind obedience not on gives rise confidence in the forces, and success for the sake of other mo zht to have short life.

The effect becomes more obvious later, but the reasons often lie in the early childhood of the child.

As girls more konformna, and school more and more press, demanding from them results, especially on an ekzama na.

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All other

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All other The terrible octopus of trade sits on a back of human race and dictates it the terms.

All of us part of this system really or potentially.

In this car only two functions production of money and their expenditure matter.

Only money deserve respect and do you significant; unfortunately, they became a basis of our society.

All other aspects of life which are not measured by money, are not taken into account and jump out as superfluous.

It is friendship, a peace of mind, kindness, love, creativity, character, humour, spirituality and pleasure.

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Feature of our course

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Feature of our course Feature of our course that it helps ourselves to take care of itselfhimself as about children, to restore or close those emotional holes which are result of the careless attitude of parents towards us.

Many of us who could not make still it, could not recover and help grow up to the end as the child, has still doubt: than the humiliation differs from submission?

Submission or humiliation?

And so, on Vedic psychology if the person otkakzyvatsya to realize the desires, having voluntary put above them, even on some certain interval of time, desire of the direct authority, the parent, mentor or teacher, it is called as submission.

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But if the child

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But if the child Moreover, the person gets rid of emotions which weigh him for long years of life.

But if the child cries, without being thus in safety if there is nobody who would sympathize with him, would be adjusted on his this experience, would show care and caress, the feeling of own pokinuktost as a result increases and it is not possible to get rid of fear.

Children live in eternal now It is one of features, one of secrets of mentality of children.

Adults puzzle how to learn to live here and now, without noticing that near them there live beings absolutely with other warehouse of mentality who live exactly here and now.

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  • This son there was Ludwig Wittgenstein who is considered now call shy philosopher of the XX century.And still our society becomes is more and more anxious with the accelerated development and progress som: we teach French to kids, gymnastics to babies, we use for twoyearold the preparing SMOY geepok gas zsnazimt That the child grew the happy to reading the audio cassette which include in time of their dream, and a great lot of national estimates and tests which feed parental neurosises.Perhaps, it will be useful for you to accept in attention following.
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