If the woman

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If the woman Therefore children try to bring up us, and they do it, unlike us, very much kindly, by the way, not by violent methods.

They simply give chance to us to progress together with them.

We, unfortunately, use absolutely other methods.

If the woman wants the child One of the Vedic principles says: if the woman wants to become a mother, to give birth to the child, and asks about it, the man who refused to it implementation of this Desire, will be punished.

If the spouse dissuades the wife, explaining it is some reasons of a financial order, a lack of a living space, or it is simple that he will not get enough sleep, such person, tell the Veda, starts degrading Inevitably and it appears on the lowest planets.

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The most

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The most If we are in a harmony with discipline as with regular, on the melted need of education, problems will be less.

The most unfortunate children whom I know it is children to a blagonama renny, too liberal parents who force children to think that they deserve everything that have that them chuv stvo operate the world.

People confuse discipline to punishment, but discipline in the dy stvitelnost are meant by training.

A big lesson for age ache groups from two to six years to learn that they not the center Effective discipline the Universe to understand that also other people are important, and to learn, how la to dit with them.

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Now it is possible

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Now it is possible If the boy misbehaves or the girl plays pranks, Catch them and beat on a bottom that knew beforehand, It is the best method of education of small fry, It is possible to slap all on a bottom, except wasps, bumblebees and bees.

Grigory Oster was not engaged in the theory of education of children, nevertheless, very correctly caught it nastroyekny roditelstvo in the twenty first century in the books Bad advice.

Now it is possible to consider some specific questions.

Questions and answers Question: If in a family two children, the boy and the girl, a difference at them year who and how has to bring up them, children with grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles what is the time have to see off, whether have they the right for education of children?

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Pi it is optional

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Pi it is optional It is necessary to accept any ideas.

Very much often the most unattractive thoughts can to lead to fine feasible decisions.

The main clause We will write down all ideas.

Pi it is optional to sat, but anyway if to write down any idea, contribution of everyone looks adequately.

One the child somehow told: My so clever mother.

It for pisyvat all thoughts.

Solve, what ideas are pleasant to you what are not present and what you want to realize.

Pay attention to sharp remarks This du ratsky idea.

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Importance In it all sense.

Importance of rules, which are established by the parent and which he adheres, it is heavy to underestimate during the period vzros line.

All of us know how people to whose give rise are unpleasant whether missed this really important point, poskol ku, being adults, all of them still consider themselves center of the Universe.

They were not taught that at others people too there are feelings.

Steve Biddalf, psychologist and writer Be able to listen, for the sake of good and safety.

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You really

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You really I did not want to break it.

His birdie was good.

How to speak that children listened.


You really did not want to break it.


Yes, but he would not believe me.


You do not think that he will believe you, if you will tell it the truth?

With y N.

I do not know.

I all the same am going to tell to it, he will believe me or not.

And I think, it has to will be to apologize for that threw my notebook in dirt!

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