Giving classes

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Giving classes COUNCILS FOR CARRYING OUT PRACTICAL TRAINING Parents usually acquaint the child with the surrounding world.

Today you should acquaint him with water.

And from that, as this acquaintance will happen, depends, whether your child of occupation will fall in love swimming.

Giving classes on water, it is necessary to be quiet, as bad the mood of mother or father, providing training, is easily transferred to the child.

It is in that case better to postpone occupation next day.

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Owing to influence

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Owing to influence Someone from people can very quickly learn to prepare, but it is very difficult for them to seize skills of driving of the car.

Four types of temperament The following aspect of distinctions in the nature of children which too is very important for considering are types of temperament.

Owing to influence of various elements of the material nature fire, air, water and the earth, there are four types of children: active, sensitive, kommunikaktivny and receptive.

They in something it is similar to obshchekizvestny sanguine persons, choleric persons, phlegmatic persons and melancholiacs, Sensitive children have a high emotional susceptibility, are inclined to complain, show desire of compassion, receiving support.

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